November 11, 2021

Seniors Tennis GB

Seniors Tennis GB was founded in 1974 and is a directly affiliated organisation (DAO) of the LTA. In recent years, the volunteer-run organisation has worked increasingly closely with the LTA to assist in ‘opening up tennis’ and communicating directly with thousands of players aged over 35, as well as with all tennis venues. Activities are overseen by a Council that meets quarterly and has a number of active sub-committees.

Tennis is a highly sociable, time-friendly, enjoyably challenging and good value activity that is also repeatedly shown to improve adult health and wellbeing. Seniors Tennis GB is dedicated to promoting the game for players of all standards aged 35 and over. This equates to a base of 340,000 current LTA Advantage Members plus a huge further potential population of UK adults. Our activities fall into 3 categories: growing participation, encouraging competition and managing teams.

Growing participation: A participation grant initiative for clubs, to encourage the take-up of tennis by new players aged 35+, is in its 6th  year. Through Counties, clubs and coaches are invited to apply for a grant to subsidise activity which will encourage new players. Very often this initial grant leads to further funding from local authorities, other third party grant providers and from Counties.

Competitions: We promote and support the following annual events:

  • Inter-County Competition with 492 County age group teams. This is integrated into the LTA County Cup and the O35s are now included in the County Cup Race.
  • 3 National Open Seniors Championships (35s-85s): Indoors, Clay and Grass.
  • One National Closed Seniors Grass Championships at Wimbledon (a great chance to play on the hallowed turf).
  • A further 19 Seniors GB Circuit tournaments throughout the UK.
  • Four Nations Internationals between England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
  • 18 National League knock-out doubles events available to all venues jointly run with LTA
  • NEW – One day Fast4 tournaments at a range of venues throughout GB, managed by LTA and now launched for Seniors – an ideal way to improve your new World Tennis Number!

Teams: We select and organise 22 representative GB teams to compete in the annual ITF World Championships in Young Seniors (35s-45s), Seniors (50s-60s) and Super Seniors (65s-90s).

A quick glance at some key statistics will emphasise the importance of Seniors Tennis within the overall tennis community in GB:

  • 53% of LTA Members are aged over 35
  • This demographic has nearly 5,000 regular competitive players
  • Nearly 500 teams played in the Seniors County Cup events in 2021

A huge number of players regularly compete in club, district and county tennis open and senior leagues.

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